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B-WI Enterprise Product Suite

When our customers talk, we listen.

At Barry-Wehmiller International (B-WI), we understand the investment you have made in your enterprise solutions and the need to maximize their functionality. We know there are times when the core components are not enough and you need additional features to enhance your system’s capabilities.  We continuously evaluate our solution offerings and request feedback from our valued customers regarding any gaps or needs they may have that are not supported with the standard systems. Extending and adding additional functionality to your existing solutions will increase productivity, efficiency and bring added value to your investment.

Creating Additional Value to your existing products.

Infor XA Plus Products

B-WI has decades of experience in both using and implementing Infor XA. After numerous customer requests and our desire to provide you with tools and enhancements to better run your business, we have created new products to further extend Infor XA ERP. 

Our product add-ons:

SM plus

A Security and Separation of Duties App that greatly extends security with built-in separation of duties and predefined role management within the Infor XA ERP environment, using the Infor Development Framework (IDF). 

receive plusA Receipt and Issuing App 
that allows you to receive and issue in one step. Faster delivery of items are created by visibility into Open Manufacturing Orders.

import plusA Data Import Tool 
that allows you to import data just by adding some structure information into a table by using the System-Link framework. 

EC plusAn Engineering Change Control App 
that allows engineers to change data via an external solution that allows documentation of the change and controlled release of updates to XA via a gatekeeper.

Many XA customers already use SMPlus for managing Separation of Duties and security including roles.  Our newly packaged ReceivePlus, ImportPlus and ECPlus leverage years of application knowledge used at our parent company, divisions and customers to bring that functionality to all XA customers.  These products create an immediate and additional value to their existing system and increased efficiency and productivity.

Enhance your Infor XA Solution with the extended capabilities of the B-WI Infor XA Plus Products today! 

Other Products:

CAD-ERP Bridge is a tool that integrates engineering and ERP systems, reducing duplication of data entry into both systems. This tool increases the productivity and integrity of the documentation.

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