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Managed Services

Maximize your investment and resources

Enterprise systems and technology solutions are critical to all organizations, regardless of size. Manufacturers depend heavily on the functionality of these systems and their IT staff to allow them to get products to market faster and maintain compliance. Ongoing support, preventative maintenance and updating technology provided as part of B-WI’s managed services, will reduce downtime and maximize both your software investment and the productivity of your IT staff.  By outsourcing some or all of your IT needs, you can free up your internal team to focus on your core business initiatives and priorities.

Managed Services is a partnership, not a replacement for your IT

At B-WI, we believe that everybody matters and that everyone should feel valued. When your IT staff is inundated with changing technologies all while trying to manage numerous requests and priorities with limited resources, they often feel overwhelmed and undervalued. By partnering with B-WI to provide managed services, you can better serve both your internal and external customers and alleviate some of the daily stresses of your IT Staff. Faster Response time, predictable costs, quicker implementations and improved security will allow your IT staff to feel like more fulfilled and a more valued contributor to your organization.

We offer a variety of Managed Services that allow for long-term maintenance and support of your systems including:

  • Application Managed Services – outsource management of specific apps and databases. Provide upgrade, data recovery and backup, security and monitoring services
  • Help Desk Support - Round-the-clock help desk coverage for Enterprise Application users, continuous improvement in incident management and call resolution, extensive knowledge support tools 
  • Infrastructure Managed Services – reliable, responsive and flexible management of day-to-day IT operations including SaaS, end user support, enterprise networking and security
You won’t be disappointed with B-WI. Their professionalism and dedication to the project is the best experience we have had.

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