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 Training & Education

Training and Education | Barry-Wehmiller International | IT consulting

Training & Education

Empower Your Employees through Education

By investing in your employees with on-going education and training, you are providing them with the skills to improve not only their own productivity, quality, and performance, but that of your entire organization.  Your company will also see higher employee retention rates and improved recruitment. At Barry-Wehmiller International, we believe so strongly in continuous education that we encourage all of our employees to participate in our corporate BW Leadership Institute. B-WI has seen great success and benefits by empowering our own employees and truly believing that everybody matters and has a critical role in our organization.

Product Module & Application Training

We know the importance of having a highly knowledgeable and skilled team. Let us take your team to the next level through our product module and application training. Our experts will train your team on:

We can also help you implement Infor EPAK, develop documentation, and offer training and performance support materials. 

Great to work with such a dedicated team

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