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Controls & Automation

Manufacturing Intelligence through real-time ​control & visibility

Seamless integration and automation throughout the entire manufacturing process provides you with real time control and data visualization. This is especially critical to enable manufacturers like yourself make informed decisions that can make or break the success of a product.

B-WI has over the years, attained the unique position of becoming an ''Integrated Manufacturing Automation provider''.  Hence, with B-WI as your partner, we have the knowledge and experience in Level 2 of the ISA automation layers and integrating automation silos and legacy systems that will lead to a decrease in overall cycle-time with minimal errors, providing you with increased productivity and product quality.

Our solutions at level 2 automation, along with our diverse software and hardware platform offerings (PLC, SCADA, HMI, Historians and report tools) will take your company into the future of manufacturing.

Automation of critical manufacturing processes and communication of relevant information between these processes provides real time control and data visualization.  This in turn enables intelligent decision making and also lays down the foundation for advanced systems’ implementations. With skills across all the layers of automation, from ISA-95 Level 0 to Level 4, we have a proven track record of successful multi-site MES implementation projects. 


  • Control system design, engineering and Commissioning 
  • Disparate control systems integration
  • Line design
  • Historians Configuration
  • Reporting and Analysis
Controls & Automation
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