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​Manufacturing Execution Systems
Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems​ Implementation

Meet your operational KPIs

As technology continues to advance, integrating the entire production process, including inventory, maintenance, quality and distribution is essential for maximized efficiency and minimized costs. With seamless integration now possible, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) today is extended beyond production and is now accepted under the bigger umbrella of Manufacturing Operation Management (MOM).

Here at B-WI, we have extensive experience integrating shop floor systems with enterprise level applications using S95 standard guidelines.  We are experienced in implementing multi-site MES rollouts across diverse industries including Food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and automotive. Our team is proficient in multiple software platforms, standards and industry guidelines like S88 and CFR Part 21.

Over the years, we have gained expertise in the following MES Solutions:

  • OEE (Original Equipment Efficiency)
  • LSIM (Line side Inventory Management Solution)
  • Track and Trace/Product Genealogy
  • Recipe Management
  • Scheduling & Dispatching
  • Integration with Enterprise systems (ERP, PLM, ASM etc.) /ISA95 Integration
  • CTQ (Critical to Quality) Monitoring and SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • Dashboard, Reporting and Analysis