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Our Company

Who We Are

As the consulting and engineering platform of Barry-Wehmiller, a US-based global manufacturing and technology services leader, Barry-Wehmiller International (B-WI) has a manufacturing heritage that has enabled us to have a unique understanding of your industry’s needs. Core to our existence is our people-centric culture and values that run deep and have inspired a leadership model that places a priority on improving the lives of the people who make our business possible.

B-WI provides enterprise, engineering, manufacturing automation and technology solutions enabling a connected enterprise by leveraging a global team to provide effective scalable solutions. We are dedicated to execution excellence through proven process methodologies and have assisted organizations of all sizes successfully transform their businesses. Our experience and expertise, crosses multiple disciplines and industries and we offer a wide-variety of solutions to fit your company’s specific needs.

With Barry-Wehmiller International as your partner, we can ensure that our solutions are aligned with your organizational goals to provide you with a solid foundation for business growth.

Our History

Barry-Wehmiller International (B-WI) is part of the $1.6 Billion Barry-Wehmiller group.  B-WI was established in the year 1994 under the former Marquip (now MarquipWardUnited) as an internally focused extension of the Engineering and Information Technology teams.

As B-WI developed and consolidated itself within the Engineering and the IT spaces, the external markets’ focus was added in the year 2001, when Marquip was acquired by Barry-Wehmiller.

B-WI’s external market value proposition was simple: to offer the expertise that was meticulously developed internally.  This loop was further completed when the expertise gained externally was brought back to the Barry-Wehmiller divisions, ensuring the sure and steady growth of B-WI.

In February 2013, Barry-Wehmiller International completed its acquisition of Merittech, LLC.  Merittech, headquartered in East Syracuse, NY, provided Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Best Practices Consulting, Virtualization Services, Managed Services and Support. Merittech ​was a full-service provider of enterprise resource planning, distribution, supply chain management and warehouse management systems, including hardware, professional and implementation services with ongoing support.  The combined Barry-Wehmiller International-Merittech platform continues to provide a comprehensive skill set unsurpassed in the industry.

Today, Barry-Wehmiller International is a full service provider for industrial machinery and equipment, hi-tech, consumer goods, new product design, and the manufacturing industry segments.  With over 300 engineers deployed globally, Barry-Wehmiller International is a unique combination of Engineering, Functional and Technology consultants offering services to the industrial machinery, new product design, and manufacturing industry segment.