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Here is how we use the power of business to build a Better World!

CORE is an Industry-Academia Connect to create engineering students of high expertise. Our vision is to provide a strong foundation for Indian engineering students for a successful career ahead.

CORE is an intensive, 4-year program deployed across engineering colleges and is designed to:

The flagship Industry-Campus Connect program from us at Barry-Wehmiller International, has been created for the engineering student to become future-ready. There are three paths for the engineer to attain success - land a good job, start his own venture, or pursue higher studies. CORE provides the perfect coaching for the student to achieve his dream, through any of these paths. CORE enhances engineering problem-solving expertise, employability and industry ready skills, while providing the most relevant and accurate coaching and practice for the GRE® exam. 

CORE: The complete training package

​ Components of CORE


  • Provide employability skills for Mechanical and Electrical engineering students to ensure job readiness
  • Impart business skills to enable engineers set up their own ventures
  • Provide competitive exam orientation and foundation for higher / advanced education

Training is provided for the Mechanical and Electrical engineering streams. The objective is to empower the student to be employable and industry ready. Armed with this, students are able to have a purposeful career in core engineering industries after graduation.

With the technical expertise and business ready skills that engineering students learn and assimilate in the CORE program, they are enabled to stand out during placement interviews, or even create their own start-up ventures.

Premier engineering colleges partner with us to:

Components of CORE

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